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Victoria's Multicultural Awards for Excellence acknowledge outstanding achievements and services of people and organisations who have actively supported cultural diversity and made a real impact in promoting community harmony.




Public Sector Award:

The Public Sector Award is for service delivery to Multicultural Ireland and recognises excellence in a specific area of service delivery such as arts, community services, education, emergency services, employment, health, regional development and tourism.


Selection criteria -  Establishes good service relationships and communication strategies in specific areas to actively engage diverse communities or - actively participates in existing projects designed to improve services and relationships with culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse communities.


Eligibility: Individuals and community groups. Self-nominations are not accepted

- Develops or enhances programs to assist Victoria’s multicultural community. Eli

Inds aThe Victorian Multicultural Marketing Award acknowledges and rewards businesses which have used a multilingual workforce (employment and diversity) in their overall marketing strategies. Selection criteria - Uses innovative marketing and communications strategies to engage multicultural audividuals, organisations, businesses and corporations based or operating in Victoria and local governments. Self-nominations are not accepted.

Businesseiences in the Victorian community with their service and/or product. - Uses the awareness and reach of their brand/reputation to promote the benefits of cultural diversity, harmony and citizenship to the Victorian community. - Uses a multilingual workforce to engage the diverse Victorian community.

Nominations are now officially open for the 2016 inagural Multicultural & Integration Awards (MIA), providing  an opportunity for the public  to give recognition to individuals or groups for outstanding contributions to the needs, welfare and interests of multiculturalism in and across Ireland either in a voluntary & non-voluntary capacity.






Cultural Diversity Week brings together Victorians from all walks of life to promote community harmony and celebrate the many cultures that make our state so vibrant.  

Coordinated by the Victorian Multicultural Commission, the celebration extends over one week and coincides with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on 21 March.

Cultural Diversity Week 2016 - 'Together we stand in harmony' - was held from 12-20 March.

This year, celebrations commenced with one of the most popular nights of the year, the Premier's Gala Dinner,  included events and activities right across the state and closed with Victoria’s Multicultural Festival at Federation Square.

Cultural Diversity Week 2017 dates will be available shortly. 

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