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Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives is a voluntary group (CRO-No: 559149)

Formally launched on 27th of February 2016 in the Carlton Hotel -

Dublin 15 during our centenary gathering (Miss Centenary).


Borne out of a dire need for total inclusion of all people in Ireland, especially non-natives who have in recent years been made Irish citizens. DMI is a different kind of NGO because our main perspective is about advocating for equal opportunity and integration of all people in all spheres and spectrum of Irish society  without bias, regardless of cultural heritage and natural backgrounds - through our unique projects of various standings and through our multicultural events. 

Founded by Carol Azams, who has lived in Ireland since 2002 and now a naturalised Irish citizen. She hope to achieve her dream of seeing different communities come together to celebrate cultures as one way of promoting integration in Irish society. She believes one way of achieving that is through the new annual 'Ireland's Festival of Nations'. 

Carol is coming from media backgrounds with extensive experience in broadcasting and other media practices, and has a post-graduate degree in events & public relations. She also aims to use her experience working in the media to bring about desired change in her own little ways through media activities as a possible way of creating opportunities for social inclusion and bridging a gap in this aspect of Irish society where inequality is still very visible and where migrants are nearly totally absent, and for this reason, Carol founded (Diversity Media) a social enterprise operating as Diversity TV Ireland (DTV), Ireland's Multicultural Television and Diversity Radio, which was granted on-air broadcast licence in 2018 by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, but because it lacked required funds to operate, it could not take off at the time. She  hopes of gaining desired support at some point to help her bring about a dream of a migrant run media Radio/TV Station that Ireland as a country would be proud of. See more details at

Our Main Objectives are as follows:

  • To Advocate and provide training aimed at improving social inclusion & integration of people from ethnic backgrounds, especially the youth.

  • To improve standard of understanding of Irish cultures for migrant people and as well promoting ethnic cultural activities in Ireland.

  • To create awareness and improve understanding of various Cultural Heritage in Ireland through debate, community talks, festivals & other events and symposia.

  • To promote peaceful co-existence of not only people of ethnic minorities, but all people in Ireland.


Subsidiary Object(s)

In furtherance exclusively of the foregoing main objectives are the followings:

  • To address issues which affects migrant communities in Ireland. These includes economic needs, social inclusion, environment, health, and cultural relevance.

  • To provide and conduct cultural activities and events which is one of the overall aim of the organisation.

  • To Enhance the general understanding of minority cultural heritage by creating such environment to benefit the overall migrant communities in Ireland.

  • To empower and motivate youths in Ireland through creating and implementing structural and educational training sessions, workshops, retreats and other activities to aid self-development, etc.

  • To promote cultural exchange programs between Irish and the new communities.



DMI is not for profit organisation formed on the premise of welcoming  a broad section of communities and individuals representing diverse & multicultural Irish Society. Our goal is to seek to enhance the standard of ethics within Irish society .



OUR MOTTO: Ireland of Equal opportunities is a better Ireland for all!

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Diversity & Multicultural Initiatives is a Non-Governmental Oganisation registered in Ireland (CRO-No: 559149)